Workweek 01×03: It’s Sprint 100…

Workweek 01×03: It’s Sprint 100…

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Week 3 of Weeknotes and going strong. Odd week this week, as needed to do school pick-up, so ended up working mornings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s Monday and all go. In on a Monday morning for the first time in a while – starting the week with our usual all-team catch-up, with feed-in from different “departments” – slightly arbitrary categories, but it helps to get people discussing and summarising last week and the week ahead. Good sense of progress going on.

Luke (dev/operations) checks in and his new baby has her first meeting. Discussion on various products, how they overlap, and where they’re going, ahead of product meetings later in the week.

Managed to archive my whole inbox by accidentally typing “Hello Stefan” into the wrong place. Fortunately it was cleared out recently, so trawling through “All mail” wasn’t much more than a few minutes work.

Did some time metric retrospective on our recent Neighbourhood Planning project, but then back off to school.

Was working from home on Tuesday. I’d attended the local Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meet the evening before, so spent a little while writing up my notes. God experience, too – a lot of newfound respect for the people that are committed to this, it can probably best be described as Jumping Through Difficultly-Shaped Hoops at Speed.

Then carried on some metrics – “time is money” and all that. Switched from trying to look at logged time, to thinking through “ideal time” for an ongoing product, which is perhaps both easier and more productive, in the long run. All time tracking numbers are a lie, I learned, but a range of lies is a good indication of some sort of fuzzy truth.

Wednesday was a talking day. Started with phone call to potential_client along with Kim (comms) and Stefan (research) – our initial conversations with people sometimes turn into a bit of a forum as we each have our own specialities, and bring in people to cover various bases. I wonder if we need to, but it does mean conversations can progress quickly.

Then a quick management catchup with Luke and Stefan to organise a longer catch-up next week. Slightly rare – we’re pretty good at deciding things on the fly these days. Another reminder that group communication is really, really important – feels like fluidity for everyday decision-making is a key aspect of agility. Delegation, trust (and personal relationships), quoracy (and democracy), rules and guidelines (and DAOs?) – all of these are ways to resolve unknown directions as quickly and smoothly as possible, without being dependent on particular structures and hierarchies. Together they become a toolset for fluid decisions.

Rest of the day before leaving at 2 (last school run of the week) say meeting David from HACT to catch up on our Neighbourhood Planning work, and look at next steps. Good level of discussion, again with Luke and Kim in. Productivity in this kind of meeting seems to be about finding the correct balance, or back-and-forth, between enthusiasm and focused practicality. “We could do this!” vs “We should do this.”

Wednesday link: You won’t see Montenegro in the final, sadly.

Thursday, a proper full day. Feeling groggy, hope I’m not going down with something. But a special day, as we kick off our ONE HUNDREDTH SPRINT. Following our A-Z of Brighton Pubs, this one’s named after the North Laine brewery.

At 2 weeks a sprint, that’s just over 4 years of constant, iterated routine (we usually stop for 2 weeks at Christmas). Or around a thousand working days. Our approach to backlogs and stories and “done” and retrospectives and planning meetings has changed gradually over that time, as it should. Looking back though, I’d say the most important part is really about how (and why) you get a “sprint culture” in place. Probably worth a separate post in itself, but the rhythm of a fortnightly cycle feels like a core aspect of the company now – so much gets planned around it because a) everyone knows how it works, and b) pretty much everyone (not everyone) is involved with it at some level.

Anyway, more importantly it also meant cake.

Bit of a scattered day after that – various boring loose ends to tidy up and reminded me that I need to sort out some headphones. Some SQL debugging using SHOW WARNINGS in a Stored Procedure. Estimates for work, and drank three cups of tea in a row. Probably not healthy.

On Friday I started by catching up with Flo (user support) on some outstanding user issues on Value Insight, with my Product Owner hat on. This kicked off a few discussions and ideas which I had some time to return to later on in the day. Also a brief catchup on the Australian project, which is nearing its final stages now.

Did a bit of tidying up of Epics in Jira after that for VI, as I wanted a tidy-up ahead of laying out the next strategic steps. One thing I’m slowly working towards is the use of tools to more effectively link product aims with the “actual work”  being done. This has evolved from post-its and Confluence docs, to – well, something similar, but the current objective is to make the link a lot more explicit and transparent. Rather than use a Confluence page to link to Jira issues (which is ok, but feels “static”), I have a theory that Epics and their related “progress” bars in the Backlog view can be really good feedback to both PO and the team as a whole.

A second aim is to really identify where new work and stories don’t relate to an aim. In theory, in 3 months, we could see exactly how well we’re doing on any particular aim. In theory.

Anyway, caught up with Emma (researcher) on more international work – American data this time – and made some plans for next stages.

Bit of a free afternoon, so returned to Product thoughts again, and tried writing up some possible thoughts on plans and aims – I’m learning that it’s very difficult to get this stuff right first time, especially in a way that gives it a structure and sense of progress that can be absorbed by anyone else. So going through the process at least once helps to refine and refine and refine that structure. Is that agility? Or just multiple drafts? 🙂 I always enjoy mapping things out so a sketch though…

Otherwise a relaxing comedown to the week. Won’t mention the Eurovision videos and the cherry wine pistol.

Have a good weekend, maybe see you all at OpenTech…

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