About me

About me:
  • Been working in tech for 20 years, stepping in and out of academia a bit to dip my mucky toe into innovation and technology policy. Been involved in various groups and communities over the years from QBasic to Bitcoin. So a general love of database keys, open source, Foucalt, and democracy.
  • Currently officially “Head of technology” at OCSI in Brighton. We’re a socially-focused company of about 14 people doing open data for public sector and related orgs, and been going for 13 years. I’ve been there nearly 10, growing a small team of developers over the past 5. Also taken on Product Owner duties, and at the start of the year was interim CEO for a while. Now I spend my days jumping between supporting the team, figuring out what a “product” is, fixing code bugs, talking marketing strategy, and having board meetings. And more, probably.
  • Education: BSc in Computer Science and AI, MSc in Public Policy for Science, Tech and Innovation, started a PhD looking at public engagement with science, but quit to be more practical.
  • Things I enjoy:
    • finding out what makes people excited and helping them to apply it
    • being able to set my own agenda and my own methods because I’m actually a fairly stubborn, arrogant individual deep down
    • letting other people learn and get on with things, so that they feel good and I don’t have to do it myself
    • bringing together different opinions and wants, ie internal, client, personal, in a way that benefits everyone
  • Other things I draw on:
    • Libraries and the structuring of information and metadata
    • Disruptive tech to keep our use of tools in perspective and constantly challenged
    • Photography, tai chi, haiku, and general tao/zen attitudes as a connection to the world around us
    • Music as a keeper of rhythm and an enabler of improvisation
    • My kids as a reminder that nobody knows anything and we’re all trying to just figure it out as we get older every day but we’re generally pretty smart