Nobody Likes Code Reviews

Typical tech team conversation: “The work is nearly done, just a few tidies but it basically works.” “Has it been properly tested?” “Not yet, but the basics work.” “And any changes that come out of a code review, I assume.” “True, but hopefully not many.” “So still a fair bit to do then.” “Yeah, a […]

Weeknotes 07×01: Post-its rule my world

What am I looking forward to this week? First meeting with Fabrice to discuss what tech lead mentoring could look like Our first Tech Team Roadmap Review meeting, we’ve achieved a lot in 6 months, I think? What am I not looking forward to this week? Having conversations about work without a clear plan of […]

Workweek 04×03: In between movement

About Me | RSS | Other stuff Comments welcome via the blog, or to @6loss on Twitter Week tip: Use single-letter keywords in your Firefox bookmarks to bring up common pages quickly. Eg ctrl-t, s, enter to bring up sprint board. Series check-in Tech direction – can we get some? Feeling good on this, if […]