Weeknotes Template – Series 7

This is my current template for my weeknotes. It’ll change. It always does.

Context Reminders

I have some quotes from people when I asked on Twitter about what they find interesting. These get removed, natch, but it helps to ground me a bit.
recruiting/managing/motivating devs, balancing new tech experimentation vs product/maintenance/client projects, deciding how to invest time in fixing tech debt/old products, aligning technical people with a business mission & priorities
I find that #weeknotes bring reassurance, solidarity, perspective and inspiration. It is the ‘real’ stuff that brings this value.
I’d like to hear about the things that make you happy and sad. Why you work in the field you do. What keeps you sustained.
I always really enjoy your deeper musings on why we do the things we do, the human stuff. All of that is interesting and enjoyable 🙂

Style guide

Rules I try to write by:
  • Cover every day, but not necessarily everything every day – as a rule of thumb, I try to highlight one interesting thing, and dig into it in more depth.
  • Be detailed enough to have depth, but succinct enough to be readable.
  • Be bold when discussing oneself, and vague when discussing others. Mention colleagues by name, but never be rude. It’s always better to discuss one’s own feelings, without focusing on blame, so that the Thing can be couched in a more constructive attitude. “This is challenging, what can I do to improve it?” Also, being rude to people is… just rude.


This bit is the bit that actually gets published.


Before the week…

(I try to do this the weekend before the week starts, but it’s often Monday in practice.)

What am I looking forward to this week?
What am I _not_ looking forward to this week?
What am I not sure about?
Expected theme

After the week…

Actual theme
What surprised me?

Space for links.







(Things I’ve written elsewhere this week.)
(A space for something completely different to end with.)