Daynotes 2023-06-27

New day. New day notes. New day notes file.

Large gap. 1 month. Inner sanctum, closed off to the world. Busy, concentrating, focused, busy.

Many things. New routines. Even the physical manifest is empty last week:

Black and white photo of a double-page spread of an empty planner book, opened at a week in June.

Why is this?

Think. Reflect. Purpose of day notes.

Progress on projects. Feeling productive. Urge to deliver. P’raps it’s the solstice, early suns, fresh breeze.

Or maybe it’s remote working. Digital nomadicism, stuffed backpack. Not carrying the heavy diary, running off scraps of paper instead. Micro to-do lists, piling up in pockets like emails and browser tabs. Urge to clear out.

The perennial question – how important is reflection? Does it matter if I don’t blog? What makes me feel satisfied at the day’s end?

Deep dives into creative work are good. Balance between projects and everyday life is a necessity. Are these inherently in conflict with each other? No point in trying to achieve satisfaction?

Two endpoints, two possibles. 1) A world of North Stars and focal points, clear aims and small milestones. 2) A chaos of directions, do-what-you-can, but accept not that it must be stressful, but that multiplicity is simply an alternative state.

Either way, trust that things are bound together as one; somehow. This is the meeting point, the source of it all.