Weeklinks 2024-03-15

Things being published

Overview of an image by Richard Littler, showing a hand drawn shelving unit with may items in very fine detail.

Who am I anyway

"My goal is to strip away anything that takes the focus away from my subject. My tip would be to only do what is necessary to convey the feeling you want in a photograph" (Black & White Photography magazine 200)

Some amazing portraits on his site, such as the one below, but also I’m thinking a bit about how the idea of "feeling" comes first here. How can this be applied to other aspects of life too?

Portrait of a person covered with a long hood, staring straight into the camera with a neutral expression.

  • This is hitting home hard right now: Being Glue, or the value of generalisation and joining-the-dots, and how it largely goes against how we see careers and job roles.

  • Nice quote: "Whenever you try to change an organisation it’s important to remember that the pace of change will feel glacial to those trying to effect the change, while at the same time feeling rapid and relentless to those affected by it."

Future lives


Two stick people talking. One says "When a metric becomes a target, it ceases to be a good metric." The other replies, "Sounds bad. Let's offer a bonus to anyone who identifies a metric that has become a target."


Deprecated. Too Depressing