Workweek 03×01: Craft Vader

Workweek 03×01 Back from holiday. A tent that survived the wind, and dinosaurs that didn’t survive a planetary collision. Flying a kite over an ice age forest. Board games until midnight. A miniature steam train to a nuclear power station. All just memories now. So much to tidy up before you go away. But returning, […]

Why Tech Teams need Clear Team Values

OK, so a conversation with Garbados/Diana on Gnu-Masto-Social-Don tied in with some deep-founded thoughts and has started a little fire somewhere inside me. She was talking about the “PTSD” effect on developers, through bad bosses and/or bad effects – the latter isn’t something I’ve been so close to, but makes me wonder how I’d react […]

Weeknotes 08×09: Ping Pot Problems

Full speed ahead this week. The head is in full planning mode. No fancy Kerouacian prose this week, but I’ll keep the photos in… My main achievement* this week was to establish a new game to pass the time. Inspired by various throwing games I saw in France recently, some ping-pong balls, flower pots and […]