Weeknotes Ten:5 – Out of holes

HELLO dear reader. I don’t know where to begin. I haven’t written anything for 3 weeks. To be quite honest, I wanted to, but just didn’t have the time or energy. I think I’m on the up now though,

One weekend was spent away, visiting the folks. The next weekend was spent on decorating #son1’s bedroom. On top of all that, work has been fairly intense, and I’ve also been a bit naughty and gone to bed late a few times. I’ve had to admit defeat, suck up my own personal guilt, and just put weeknotes on a backburner throughout.

But I’m still here, still spritely. I don’t have copious notes, so there won’t be too much detail here.

How do I feel?

  • Like I’m finally climbing out of a big hole. Or several big holes.

Our building, which is very pointy.

What was I proud of?

  • Delving into the unknown, knowing that it’s for the best in the long term, even if you can’t explain why or how. Navigating this “chaos of faith” is tricky. But a little easier when you know other people are equally enthusiastic about what’s happening.
  • Bumping into some old contacts at an event who I hadn’t seen for while – and realising where i’ve come from, and where I’ve got to.
  • Helping to pushing forward on some more user-focused processes. It’s so easy for a “pure” delivery ritual to take over what actually gets delivered, especially with sprint cycles, and we’re making great steps to shift our mindsets, I think.
  • Seeing the team get passionate and organised about changing things, even if there’s sometimes some frustration accompanying it. I guess you can’t have passion without frustration, or change without some level of conflict. So passion and conflict are good – if they’re channeled properly.
  • I wrote up a piece summarising my ukgovcamp session on making time to think which seemed to go down well.

What could I have done better?

  • I can still tend to react a bit grumpily in certain situations, like people wanting to get on with stuff without thinking it through. I probably have a tendency to try to stop or slow people down in order to make sure we’re not fragmenting as a team. I’d like to be more organised and more clear about previously-agreed goals (COMING SOON), and I could probably ask simpler questions to check people are thinking things through – tough when I’m tired and time is tight though.
  • I should definitely have gone to sleep few hours earlier several days.

What am I not sure about?

  • How to balance team strengths vs hierarchies – ie. where teams cross over and it’s not clear which one has final say. How do others out there resolve this? I have some ideas based on OKRs and Health metrics, but they’d take some effort to put in place.

What am I aiming for next week?

  • I’m away Monday as well as Tuesday due to half term, so maybe relax a little?
  • The work to build a new dashboard is moving from UX design to Tech design, so I’m going to get my head into ‘architect’ mode and hammer out some specs.
  • I’m keen to line up some revised and improved structure for the next quarter for the tech team, but I think the week is too short and filled already, so that’s not going to happen, until the week after.

What else should I mention?

  • I attended an event on Digital Inclusion in the charity sector. I was fairly distracted by server issues for the first hour, but got my head into it after that. It wasn’t directly relevant to what I do, except it did make me think about how tech skills – and more importantly, an innovation mindset/culture – are distributed within a group of people. This is something I struggle with, as I like to encourage ideas and self-improvement within my team – but it’s often unevenly distributed (either outside of the team, or for different skills and values within the team).

  • Hon Mond fixed up one of our remaining failing unit tests – we estimated this as a fairly simple fix, but it ended up highlighting some strange, confusing code which made the team look into the underlying model, and the code was simplified as a result. I’m now thinking about whether unit tests – or their paradigm and approach – are useful at a business level too.

  • I started using my Disposable Evidence newsletter a bit more to send out photos and updates.

Moody self-portrait set in a hotel bar, with my face small and reflected in the centre.

Til next time…