An Unweeknote

Like meditation, weeknoting is something hardest to do when you most need to do it. The brain doesn’t work like that, and so we descend into spiralling into hell, with no way back from the dark.

OK, so it’s not been quite that bad for me. But I have stopped weeknoting, and mostly because I’ve just been busy on some biggish things. Life – in work and out – has had enough going on, and sometimes it’s totally fine to dodge the guilt bullet, and just not do something. So I took the weeknote pressure off and silently omitted it from my routine. I played games and saw people and sorted out hard drives and watched bad DVDs, like a normal person. Sometimes I wonder about my life. I’m not quite sure which version is real.

Anyway, the joy of a break in routine is that the time off often lets you see things differently. So a break can also be very valuable. Try it – if you practice anything like a musical instrument or a martial art, something involving physical memory, then take a week or two off – the body and brain can be truly wondrous at absorbing the practice you’ve done, and replaying fresh ideas to invigorate your routine. Absence makes the heart grow bolder.

A few things have bubbled up for me, in my absence. I’m planning on gradually writing them up, but possibly not in the usual weeknotes rhythm. So in good time, and soon.