Daynotes 2023-05-09

Black and white photo of a wheel and side of a car, with rippling reflections of sunlight being cast onto the nearby pavement

What day is it? I feel like Link waking up at the start of Link’s Awakening – somewhat discombobulated, but somewhere around here there was a world and an adventure happening. Now if I could just get down to the beach…

Since last time (a long time ago):

  • Dug back into an ongoing, longer term project to make more refactors. After a fairly major shift to bring multiple WordPress sites together into a single site, there are some finer details rearing their heads (or the expected unexpecteds, to put it another way). I spent some time looking into custo URL routes in WordPress, and "acceptable" ways to pass variables between filters and template includes, and generally understanding the space better. It’s a slight rabbit hole, so I may park it and document it.

  • Voted.

  • Generally early starts. Somehow managed to get a lock-in in Seaford, so Saturday was a rather fuzzy day. Up early on Sunday to get the bus over to Eastbourne for my and son 1’s second official Pokemon TCG tournament. (He won a prize pack, I didn’t come last, and I can now happily discuss 90% of mdoern Pokemon card tactics with random strangers 🤔). And another early one Monday to pick up a bike.

  • Also, a weekend of lots of clearing out cupboards and shed junk. I think there is a) something definitely more therapeutic about clearing things out, and "curation therapy" should be much more of A Thing than "retail therapy" IMHO, and b) there feels like significant overlap between the joy of refactoring code and the sense of zen that comes from decluttering, and maybe I should make more of a thing out of that, personally speaking.

Black and white photo of a wheel and side of a car, with rippling reflections of sunlight being cast onto the nearby pavement


  • I’m going to spend a bit more time in the same project as before, but need to set out some overview structure to start locating progress and testing plans as things come together. It’s at the point where I need to make more functional changes, and I don’t want to lose track of which things are broken, which things aren’t, and which things are being intentionally changed.

  • Eurovision semi-final 1. Can you believe that these are actually being shown on BBC 1?


  • A bit of mental progress really, which is often more important than tangible or otherwise-visible progress – that is, development of an understanding around where you are on a piece of work, what the challenge is, and what the next steps are – even if you haven’t technically done anything to show. I wish people understood this aspect of "knowledge working" more, as it’s the key to unlocking a lot of productivity. In my case, it’s the realisation that I need to step back and document things before ploughing on with code.