Daynotes 2023-05-23

Photo of a model tortoise sitting on top of 1 of 3 logs, inside the wooden frame of a hut with greenery visible outside.

Since last time:

  • a thousand things, an infinity of moments
  • turned a year older, just like every day
  • slept badly, either I’m too warm or too tired
  • some good conversations with people I’ve never met
  • a cafe full of cats
  • cobwebs cleared from the summerhouse / second shed, evicted like a brutal landlord. two spiders were particularly well-sized, I hope they’re ok still
  • some larger household items removed, finally

Maintenance done:

  • photos stream pushed through from phone to laptop via syncthing, and older photos moved to external drive

Maintenance needed:

  • hazel, the music server, seems to have broken
  • battery still fu’d on my macbook, but I’m putting off getting quotes for a fix
  • emails getting ridiculous

In the radar:

  • lots of small actions required to keep things sensible
  • trying to stick to my new, more rigidly proscribed time block regime
  • finding time to stop, can it be done? Is it useful?
  • robins and an intense flutter of magpie wings