Refreshing my personal manifesto

That’s January done with. So it was time to write a new manifesto for myself. It deals with capitalism, change, technology and fear. If it helps inspire others, that’s good too, but a manifesto should, I think, be a personal statement first. I’d rewrite a fresh one every week if I could – turning thoughts into words is an act of orientation.

Don’t know about you, but I always feel swept along by the crashing waves at the start of the year. All the pent-up turmoil of the general Advent season converts into some kind of post-event frenzy of revolutions and hope for the run up to summer.

I’m coming to the tail end of a few projects this month and am staring through the telescope to see what lies ahead. It’s been a while since I visited that space, so it feels like a good time to reassert my own assumptions. Why am I here? Is this what I want to be doing? Am I taking on undue risks? Re-centre. Re-ground. Re-focus.

January is busy. February is when the real reflection begins in earnest.

So a manifesto felt like a good place to start. Short, scattered thoughts distilled into a reference guide for the soul. Near automatic-writing about as close to the raw ideas as you can get, while still making some kind of sense.

Turns out I’m still thinking about "empty technology" alongside greentech. I find it hard to believe we’ll ever become a sustainable society if we’re only focusing on replacing the technology and the materials, without changing our mindset.

A long time ago, I wrote:

"Technelogos [sic] establishes technology as a tool to rebind and reconnect things above all else, in order to rediscover those connections more consciously."

I know this is still important, but the path can be hard sometimes. Or maybe I’m just looking too much.

The manifesto is here.